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Lab Courier

 Interstate Express has developed our Lab Courier  Services group which consists of a dedicated team of  experienced IATA Certified, and DOT and OSHA  compliant Lab Courier drivers. Our Lab Courier Services  provide temperature controlled sample and specimen  delivery for some of the largest clinical and testing  facilities, healthcare agencies, and blood banks operating in Colorado. We would be honored to discuss your laboratory courier, or sample delivery needs. Our sample couriers are fully prepared and properly trained to pickup and deliver your samples to your specifications, whether the samples require ambient, refrigerated, or frozen, or any other kind of transport. We understand the importance of specimen integrity.

Our Lab Couriers Team is very experienced in the special needs and mission critical nature of medical sample delivery and we deal directly with some of the largest providers of NFO Service (Next Flight Out) in the country. We make an average of 8 airport sweeps daily from all of the cargo facilities at DIA, including Federal Express, with direct delivery to a variety of laboratories. We also perform on demand – routine, stat, routed and scheduled pickups of specimens and samples from laboratories, Dr’s. offices, hospital’s and testing labs in Fort Collins, Denver, and Colorado Springs.

As part of our annual IATA certification and internal training program, our laboratory couriers are able to safely transport blood samples, tissue and bones samples, and other potential blood-borne pathogens or biohazards for testing of compatibility for organ transplants or infectious disease.

Contact our Lab Courier team at 303-809-9219.

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