Mail Runs

Mail Runs

 Mail Runsare one of the most basic and vital services  that a courier company can provide, and we do it very  well. We handle mail runs for a large number of  companies throughout Denver. We provide two different  types of mail runs for most of our customers.

 Incoming Mail – The first need that many companies  have is for a courier to retrieve their mail from the post  office between 8 and 9 am and deliver the mail directly  to their offices. Some of these companies are receiving 1 or 2 bags of incoming mail, and some are receiving pallets of mail. We can handle either scenario, and you may be surprised by how economical this mail run can be. Why have 1 of your employees taking their valuable time in the morning dealing with this hassle? You tell us what time you want your incoming mail delivered to your facility and we take care of it for you.

Outgoing Mail – Many companies accumulate outgoing mail throughout the day, and want to be sure that correspondence goes out on the same day. Interstate Express can have a courier return to your offices around 3 – 4 pm and run the mail back to the post office in time for it to get out on that same day.

Interoffice Mail Runs – Many larger companies have multiple offices or locations around Denver, or even in other areas of Colorado. Mail often times comes in to the main facility, but needs to be at one of the other locations ASAP. We provide inter office mail runs between locations for many companies here in Denver. We also combine the mail run with product transfer, or resupply in many cases.

Whatever your Denver mail run needs are, Interstate Express Messenger can help you increase efficiency, and probably save you money as well. If you would like more information, please contact our Sales and Project Manager directly at 303-809-9219, or by email at

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