Medical Courier

Medical Courier

 Interstate Express has over 20 trained medical courier  professionals to serve virtually any kind of medical  courier needs. Our medical couriers have experience with  pharmaceutical deliveries to individual patients, nursing  homes and LTC facilities, assisted living facilities,  laboratory specimens, blood samples and even  infectious specimens. Our medical couriers are IATA  certified and have received all necessary DOT and OSHA  training. They are also trained on HIPPA regulations as well as the sensitivity and respect necessary when working with medical professionals as well as sick and elderly patients.

We have great respect for the medical professionals, hospitals, clinical labs, and healthcare agencies that require our medical courier services. Our customers include the pharma industry, Healthcare agencies, Doctors and Surgeons, hospitals, Clinical and ResearchLaboratories, Organ Donor Specialists, Dentists and Medical Device Manufacturers.

We see a lot of other drivers who don’t seem to have any medical courier training at all. All of our medical couriers carry latex gloves, separate coolers for ambient, refrigerated, or frozen samples, and are well versed in the procedures necessary for specimen integrity, or patient deliveries. Our couriers, dispatchers, and project managers have all received our IATA certification, and medical specific training for proper delivery and transportation. Give us a call or email today to discuss your medical courier needs.

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