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IEX is one of the most professional and responsive companies I’ve worked with! Mike is fantastic!

I worked with Mike to get two proposals in on very strict deadlines. The proposals were for multi-million dollar projects and Mike was very professional and accommodating with our needs. We were running late with almost everything and he and his team worked hard to get everything done under a tremendous amount of pressure. Will definitely be coming back.

-Sasha J. (Office Administrator) on 10/16/2012

Everything went over well with Darrell the driver who came and picked up the 11 boxes of paper from our office to be delivered to the Denver Book Binding Company.. I would like to pass on how very pleasant and professional Darrell was to work with, and I thank you and staff for your assistance in helping me with this project. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Have a grand day and rest of the year.

-Sue Dougherty (Office Administrator) on 04/16/2012

I work for a law firm in Seattle, WA. We used Interstate Express to pick up documents for us and have them faxed over to us. Everyone was very helpful and very fast. They were great following-up on a second pending pick up and delivery. Mike was especially helpful!

-Holly on 04/16/2012

Finding Interstate, and Efrim, one of the owners was a piece of good luck for us.

We are a family of 5 from New Zealand, and we were in Virginia, in a jam. Due to a cancelled flight we were flying into Denver 4 hours later than planned, left with 50 mins to make our connecting flight to Las Vegas, practicaly no time at all. We therefore had no time to go to the storage facility, 15 miles from the airport to pick up our 5 pairs of skis and boots. (We had left them at a storage company a week before after skiing Colorado, before going to NY). We needed to find a company that could go to the facility, package up all our gear, sufficient for flying, and meet us at the SouthWest Airline check in. Furthermore, this was at 9.00pm in the evening.

Mike, the Sales Manager, at Interstate was fantastic ! Although all the guys would have finished at that time, he said he would find someone willing to go the extra mile. For a modest increase in price to cover parking etc., I was rapt and relieved.
Furthermore, he gave me his mobile number, so I could call him if I had any problem.

We arrived at the airport, there was a txt from Darrell, the driver who was already waiting, and would stay with the gear, until we came thru baggage claim etc. I later realized that Darrell had to pick up the gear no later than 6 pm, and then wait 3 hours until we arrived. I am afraid I was so worn/ stressed out, didnt put 2+2 togther

Due to Darrell’s wonderful efforts we managed to get all our ski gear on the flight, and run, and connect with our Vegas flight, and continue with our holiday. Had we not made that flight, there was no room on the next flight.

This was all done by Interstate Express, knowing that it will be a while before I place any business with them again. However we have a client shipping company who do move freight for export out of Denver from time to time. I will be talking to them about Interstate.

Integrity, attention to detail, performance, with a high standard of care.

-Christopher Deane on 02/06/2012

I manage a appliance store in Dallas TX and ship appliances all across the nation. I sent a range to Wellington CO. on the Monday before Thanksgiving with all expectations of the freight company delivering before Thanksgiving, however at 4:30 PM I had a call from my customer saying the freight company called her and would not be delivering that day.

To make a long story short I called 4 delivery companies in the Denver area to intercept this item and was told it wouldnt be possible on my first three calls, my 4th call was to Interstate Express and I first talked with a gentleman by the name of Efrim who during the conversation never said the words ” we can’t ” or ” no ” right from the start he went above and beyond to find a way to help me. I later had confirmation from the manager Mike, that yes in fact Interstate could get this done.

Now remember this is the night before Thanksgiving and Interstate Express had to wait an hour before they could pick up from HVH Trucking in Denver. The pickup was made at approx. 6 PM the night before Thanksgiving and had to be driven 70 miles away to Wellington. The driver, Darell made it to Wellington by 7:15 to make the delivery. My customer was super excited and Interstate saved a sale for me, and saved Thanksgiving dinner for her and her family.

I was a first time caller and was given the type of customer service you would expect from a company you had done buisness with for years. The other comment above says best courier in Denver, I might have to say best courier in the nation, given the magnitude of the item involved and the time frame we were dealing with. Great job Interstate Express I would love to see more companies out there like yours.

1-31-12 IA – Denver Law Firm  A Very professional and accommodating business!

-Elite Appliances on 12/01/2011

I am happy to say that we are part of the growth of Interstate Express. We used to use Quicksilver and got tired of some of their BS. We switched to Interstate and couldn’t be happier. Best courier in Denver in our opinion.

-Sam on 12/19/2010

My cousin recommended Interstate Express Messenger as the best Denver courier and she was totally right! They have done a fantastic job for us. We have used Interstate Express for 3 months now and have never had a single problem. Keep up the fantastic work!

-Veterinary Assistant on 12/14/2010